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  Mughal empire timelineTimeline of historical events, from all periods, with links at a click to search results in sites selected by you.
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Babur captures Kabul, making it and eastern Afghanistan the first possession of the Mughal empire        
Babur in a garden
Fotofile CG
Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
In a battle at Panipat Babur defeats the sultan of Delhi, launching the Mughal empire in India       
Elephant armour of a type probably worn at Panipat
Royal Armouries
Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
Victory at Khanua, over a Hindu confederation of Rajput rulers, brings Babur a tenuous control over most of northwest India       
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The first Mughal emperor, Babur, dies in India and is succeeded by his son, Humayun        
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Humayun, driven west into Afghanistan by Sher Shah, loses his family's new inheritance in India        
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Civil war within India enables Humayun to win a battle at Sirhind and recover the Mughal throne