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1332   November 12
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The earliest recorded incumbent of St Mary's Church in Twickenham, William Browne, is presented.

c. 1610
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A 3 storey brick mansion set in 74 acres, later known as Cambridge Park, is built by Sir Humphrey Lynd.

c. 1635
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York Farm, now known as York House, is built for Andrew Pitcarne, Groom of the Bedchamber of Charles I.

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Pitcarne dies in 1640 and York House is eventually sold by his family to the Earl of Manchester.

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York House is bought by Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, Lord Chancellor to Charles II.

c. 1673
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The house, later known as Radnor House, is built, probably by John Hooker.

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A private estate on the West Field corner of Hounslow Heath comprising 12 acres of land and a substantial house becomes known as Whitton Park.

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Sir Godfrey Kneller buys and demolishes an earlier house and builds a new house, Whitton Hall, which is later known as Kneller Hall, on the site.

c. 1710
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James Johnston, Secretary of State for Scotland, commissions John James to design his new house, to become known later as Orleans House.

1713  April 9
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Nave and chancel of St Mary's Church collapse leaving only the fifteenth-century tower, itself the survivor of an earlier building.

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